More on Reading to Infants

This first aired June 27, 2014 on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" but it is worth a second listen. Reading to infants might seem silly to some but the social interaction plays a very important role in a child's development.

Early Reading Milestones and Reading to Infants

 The Speech Buddy blog has lots of great resources and activities you can try with your little one.  The video below talks about the benefits of reading to very young children.
 This link will take you to an article about early reading milestones -
This is a great link from the Wisconsin Library Association which gives daily activities for families to do to promote literacy for young children! CHECK IT OUT! 
This brief article from NAYEC/ Message in a Back Pack talks about "reading everything and anything to your child."  Check it out!

Sing a Song

Today when I looked at my Facebook news feed the first post I read was from a childhood friend. She wrote, "So today I was at the grocery store buying food. There was a family with three little boys, all under six. The youngest, a tiny baby was pitching a fit. I bent over and started singing the "itsy bitsy spider" song using the appropriate hand gestures. The baby stopped crying and started smiling. I was in the cracker isle when one of the older brothers came and got me. He wanted me to come back and sing the song again. The mom said that she had never heard that song before! The father taped me singing the song the second time. On the way out they were playing the video of me singing the song for the baby. He always quit crying when they played that song.... I am just hoping not to see this video on YouTube."

It made me think of when my youngest child was an infant. He was often fussy and one time when he was inconsolable I started singing "I've Been working on the Railroad" and he calmed down almost immediately. Songs are a great way to calm babies, engage children and soothe weary adults. Songs are also a wonderful introduction to reading and will help expand your young one's vocabulary. If you are rusty on children's songs thanks to the proliferation media on the internet you can refresh your memory or learn some new ones. Check out the links below.

If I get a link to the video of my friend singing in the grocery store I will post it. Acts of kindness often ripple out in ways we never expect.